3 september 2013
Peter Hewitt (Garfield)
Christopher Walken (Seven Psychopaths, True Romance)
Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight Rises, Se7en)
William H. Macy (Fargo)
Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River)
Year: 2009

A Première TV Distribution Release

The Heist


Roger (Christopher Walken), Charles (Morgan Freeman) and George (William H. Macy) are each so lost in fascination with the particular objet d'art of his affection that although they have been coworkers for decades, they only just meet for the first time when crisis strikes: there's a new curator in town, and his plan is to change the museum's collection entirely, threatening to rob each man of his greatest secret passion in life. However, having found their kindred spirits, the men forge a plan to hold onto the works of art they hold most dear. Though hardly criminal masterminds, their inflamed hearts drive them to plan and execute the most daring art heist ever conceived from the inside – with bumblingly hilarious results!


  • The Heist is charming and fun with a to-die-for cast that will keep you entertained.If not a lad's night in movie, it certainly fits the bill as a date movie, especially for the more mature film fans out there!
  • It's a light-hearted caper that makes for undemanding viewing.
  • The heist sequence itself was done so well and was so much fun to watch.
  • With strong direction, good scripting for the most part, and some excellent casting, The Heist does turn out to be an enjoyable light hearted film.
  • The main cast are really great to watch as they seem to be having a lot of fun; it's a quirky film and they each bring that to their roles.
  • A gentle, easygoing comedy that benefits substantially from the efforts of its three leads - with Walken's refreshingly down-to-earth work anchoring the film on an impressively consistent basis. Freeman and Macy are predictably stellar in their respective roles, with the latter's scene-stealing turn standing as an ongoing highlight.
  • A quaint little heist comedy, with a nifty romantic resolution.
  • The Heist does a lot to distinguish itself from the crowd by focusing a lot more on the characters and their relationships to the art rather than the heist itself. A lot of audiences should enjoy it.
  • presents three of the most talented actors working today in a gentle, well-mannered comedy that's populated with believable characters.


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