12 mei 2022
James Ashcroft
Erik Thomson
Miriama McDowell
Daniel Gillies (The Originals)
Matthias Luafutu
Jaar: 2021

A Première TV Distribution Release

Collectie: 1 van 3

Coming Home In The Dark


Alan, Jill en hun tienerzonen maken een trektocht langs de adembenemende kustlijn van Nieuw-Zeeland. Hun uitstap ontaardt echter in een gruwelijke en gewelddadige nachtmerrie wanneer twee psychopathische zwervers hen meenemen op een nachtelijke roadtrip naar een onbekende bestemming. Maar is hun ontmoeting wel zo toevallig als ze denken? 


  • Sommige films blijven je lang bij. Een knoop in je maag en een brok in je keel ... IJzersterk acteerwerk.
  • A brutal and uncompromising horror-thriller that never feels mindless or pointlessly cruel. Anchored by a marvelously villainous turn by Daniel Gillies and an intensity that never lets you go, this is a gorgeous and well-crafted piece of abduction horror that is well worth seeing.
  • A grim, jaw-dropping morality thriller.
  • Ashcroft and his cast - and especially Gillies as the menacing and charismatic Mandrake - excel at drawing out the moment-to-moment tension of a crime in progress.
  •  A nerve-rattling portrait of chance violence becomes a dark meditation on the long-term reverberations of childhood abuse in state institutions.
  • A riveting, provocative and terrifying psychological horror film.
  • Impactful, brutal, and unrelenting.
  • Dark, violent, and in some moments strangely resonant, Coming Home in the Dark is a much smarter suspense thriller than we are used to.
  • Filled with an unrelenting brutality that will give your nerves a jolt.
  • A one and a half-hour gut-punch, Coming Home in the Dark is bleak, tense, and often unshakable. It sticks with you; haunts you. Leaves you feeling restless. Anxiety-inducing and frequently unpleasant, it travels down dark roads, and while you can likely guess the destination, getting there is no less unnerving.
  • Unrelenting and grim, from an early moment that echoes The Hitcher until its final scene, this is a tense thriller with its roots in real-world horrors.


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