15 juli 2014
Mike Million
David Koechner (Thank You for Smoking, Get Smart, Paul, Anchorman 1 & 2)
Gretchen Mol (Manchester By The Sea, Boardwalk Empire)
Luke Wilson (Death at a Funeral, Idiocracy, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues)
Sasha Alexander (Tes Man, Rizzoli & Isles, He's Just Not That Into You)
Romantic Comedy
Year: 2008

A Première TV Distribution Release



At a Pennsylvania college, Charlie Thurber is a good teacher without publications. His tenure review is in three months, and he's trying to get an article in print. Out of the blue, the dean announces that a new assistant professor will join them, a scholarly young woman from Yale. Charlie now faces competition. His best friend Jay, an anthropologist looking for Sasquatch, urges Charlie to declare war on the new colleague. He gives in to his better judgment and goes along. Meanwhile, his father hates the local assisted living facility where he lives, Charlie tries to connect with a woman he sees on television, and one of his students makes a pass. Is tenure in the works?


  • Tenure' had some really big laughs and a lot more little ones cleverly strewn throughout its all too short running time. A very, very enjoyable movie.
  • Tenure's success comes through its wry humor ... the subtle humor is what gets the big laughs. Amusing and occasionally very funny.
  • A sort of eccentric Office Space for the academic set, Mike Million's beautifully shot film is a tremendous surprise for a straight-to-disc effort in that it had me laughing so hard that my cheeks actually ached afterward.
  • The characters (every character) are given brilliant dialogue, they are perfectly cast for their individual roles, and frankly, they are all excellent comedians. I expected another rubbish pile and instead I came upon buried treasure.
  • DVDManiacs.met: a very serviceable couple's picture without being too romantic, squishy, or causing the eyes to roll back.
  • a respectable first feature film for writer-director Mike Million.
  • Schaterlachen zit er niet in, maar regisseur Mike Millon heeft een sympathieke film afgeleverd die vrolijk doet stemmen. Zo'n film waar je een warm gevoel van krijgt zonder dat er overdreven feelgood aan te pas komt. Luke Wilson is prima in de hoofdrol, maar ook de bijrollen zijn sterk bezet. Bob Guntonen en David Koechner zorgen voor een komische noot in dit alternatieve en plezierige schouwspel.


  • Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2010 - Audience Award: Best Feature
  • Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2010 - DC Filmmaker Award


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