12 juli 2016
Tom Woodruff Jr.
Tobias Jelinek
Danielle Chuchran (Survivor, Riot)
Eric Edwards
Keely Alona
Year: 2015

A Première TV Distribution Release

Fire City: End of Days


When the fragile balance is broken between humans and the demons who live secretly among them, a hard-boiled demon named Vine must investigate the appearance of a mysterious Dark Figure. As his fellow demons are attacked, Vine discovers he himself is the cause of the catastrophe and must choose between saving his own kind from extinction and killing an innocent human girl to whom he has become attached.


  • Het regiedebuut van Woodruff is een serieuze, dialoogrijke en grotendeels van luchtige kwinkslagen gespeende film die ook veel drama- en thrillerelementen herbergt. Meer een film noir met demonen in de hoofdrol dan een klassiek horror- of monsterepos dus. Deze zeker niet onaardige rolprent verdient complimenten voor onderdelen als originaliteit, visuele aankleding en experimenteerdrift.
  • Woodruff and company have taken a film noir concept and tweaked it to the horror side of things, which is definitely interesting. Also, it can't be said enough how the makeup effects outshine the film's indie origins. Coupled with some consistent acting, Fire City: End of Days is certainly worth watching at least once for horror fans looking for a unique spin on demons and their place in the horror world.
  • Ultimately, however, Fire City: End of Days is a slight film, an intriguing idea .
  • Mad as a box of goblins it may be, and, if you want to get in to it, prone to the odd pacing issue too, but what starts as a deeply pessimistic treatise on humanity is transformed into a brave new world of heroism and hope by the final reel of Fire City: End of Days. Fantasy fans will have fun here, and for the rest of us, the devils of Fire City provide tempting company.
  • Impressive practical and makeup effects, good performances and an interesting setting push this well past any expectations. This is well-executed, thoughtful, emotional fantasy and it's not ashamed of it.
  • You never feel comfortable. It keeps you constantly on edge. Even when the film falls into it's predictable third act, there is an uneasy feeling held within every frame.
  • Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs is an intelligently-crafted, solidly-built foundation stone from which a much grander structure might soon rise.
  • a surprisingly good film, with a very inventive plot and awfully good prosthetics and make-up. Solid entertainment.
  • an enjoyable film and is worth watching simply for the impressive prosthetics and make-up of the demons.


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