14 september 2017
Samuel Galli
Ademir Esteves
Ricardo Casella
Sonia Moreno
Year: 2017

A Première TV Distribution Release

Our Evil


A man with spiritualist powers is told by his mentor (the spirit of a Clown) that a demonic entity is coming to destroy his daughter's soul, and that he should take drastic measures. To prevent this from happening he employs a serial killer.


  • using impressive physical effects, Our Evil features gruesome gore sequences which hark back to the video nasties of the 1980s and the torture porn of the 2010s but never descend into gratuitousness. The oily, slimy, cleverly-designed demon creatures are supremely squirm-inducing, with stellar make-up effects work from Rodrigo Aragâo. This is a confident, technically ambitious picture, with an especially effective circus-themed score from Guilherme Garbato and Gustavo Garbato augmented by unsettling sound design from Alessandro Laroca and Eduardo Vermond Lima.
  • Alan Jones, FrightFest: Shocking, surprising, gripping and always keeps you guessing.
  • Anton Bitel, Projected Figures: A hitman/serial killer thriller that evokes THE SIXTH SENSE and THE EXORCIST.
  • Becky Roberts, Horror Talk: An imaginative and ambitious revenge story chock full of shocks and surprises.
  • James Whittington, Horror Channel: Vicious and violent with an intelligent surreal edge.
  • Our Evil is an emotionally charged film featuring harrowing acts of violence. It covers a whole spectrum of emotions, styles and horror conventions, and yet manages to hold it all together.


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