20 december 2018
Matthew Hope
Milo Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge)
Sylvia Hoeks (Blade Runner 2049, Overspel, Bloedverwanten, Bende van Os)
William Fichtner (12 Strong, Independence Day: Resurgence, Drive Angry)
Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Taking of Pelham 123, Edge of Darkness, Independence Day: Resurgence)
Elliot Cowan (Da Vinci's Demons, Muse)
Year: 2018

A Première TV Distribution & Source 1 Media Release

All The Devil's Men


Jack Collins (Milo Gibson) is a war-junkie and former Navy SEAL turned bounty hunter who tracks down terrorists as part of the CIA’s outsourcing to private companies.

Battling personal demons, the powers that be think he is becoming a liability so his CIA handler Leigh (Sylvia Hoeks) offers him a one last chance to keep fighting, sending him to London for a job.  There Collins finds himself part of a three-man team tasked with hunting down a disavowed CIA Operative, called McKnight, before he procures a WMD from Russian gangsters and disappears.

Together, Collins, Brennan and Samuelson find themselves locked in urban tactical combat with a former colleague, Deighton, and his private army, hired by McKnight as protection.

Both sides fight smart and as casualties & betrayal mount on both sides, Collins refuses to be defeated as he battles his way to an explosive climax.


  • Resourceful and energetic.
  • William Fichtner, terrific as usual.
  • Energieke actiefilm.
  • A compact, exciting movie. It was no-frills action, with the violence sitting a notch below gratuitous, with enough twists to keep you guessing how things might play out.
  • Lives or dies on the action – and it delivers that in spades. There’s a lot to enjoy here including visceral and punchy action sequences and a strong performance from Milo Gibson (son of Mel).
  • Pacey, efficiently made action thriller. Gibson Jr has the glower if not the intensity of his old man, and gets solid support from William Fichtner (as a sardonic soldier buddy), The Wire's Gbenga Akinnagbe and Blade Runner 2049's Sylvia Hoeks (as his handler).


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