21 januari 2021
John Wynn
Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, Jayne Mansfield's Car, Flags of Our Fathers, Walk the Line)
Poppy Drayton (Charmed)
Alex MacNicoll (13 Reasons Why, The 5th Wave)
Tommy Flanagan (Guardians of the Galaxy II, Sons of Anarchy)
Year: 2019

A Première TV Distribution Release

Fall of a Kingdom


During the 13th Century, Zakhar Berkut and his wife Rada lead a group of high-landers in Carpathian Mountains. Unfortunately, their tranquil existence is soon threatened by Burunda Khan, a powerful Mongolian general who leads his massive armies west in search of new lands to conquer.

Forced to protect their village, Zakhar and Rada send their sons, Ivan and Maksim, to ask for help from Tugar Volk, a wealthy boyar who has recently arrived from King. After his strong-willed daughter Myroslava and Maksim survive a dangerous encounter together, Tugar Volk pledges to defend the villagers against the Mongols. But when a mutual attraction sparks between Myroslava and Maksim, Tugar Volk forbids them from continuing their relationship. Meanwhile, Burunda Khan faces questions from his warriors about his motivation and military strategy for the impending invasion.

As war breaks out, both sides suffer devastating casualties. Redoubling his efforts, Burunda Khan unleashes the full fury of his forces. Faced with certain doom, Maksim and Myroslava must choose to flee or make the ultimate sacrifice to save their people.


  • Successful with its offering of violent action and tensions between Carpathian Mountain villagers and an invading Mongol army, while the performances find the vibe of the production with refreshing ease, supporting the effort with enjoyable thespian intensity.
  • The fighting here is rough and realistic and there are a couple of spectacular set pieces. Watch this on a big screen if you get the chance.
  • The action and the freedom-fighting defiance are the things to see here and they are impressive. Recommended for fans of sword-wielding underdog movies.
  • Great Visuals And Strong Fight Choreography. The directing and editing during the battles is crisp, clear, full of tension, and greatly engaging. The large-scale CGI shots display clashing armies very well, and the close-up and intimate fighting scenes work incredibly well. The final battle especially is quite effective. 


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