1 februari 2014
Brett Heard
Donald Faison (Scrubs, Kick-Ass 2, Clueless)
Eva Amurri (That's My Boy, The Banger Sisters)
Jon Dore (Gus, Hooked on Speedman)
Year: 2013

A Première TV Distribution Release



Ken Andrews is the leader amongst his friends and therefore has the responsibility of planning elaborate, hilarious, and slightly dangerous hazing rituals at all his buddies' Bachelor (aka 'Stag') parties. Now the tables have been turned, as it is Ken's turn to get married. And, as they say, payback is a bitch! Ken fears the worst as he has done some awful things to his friends, including putting the top of a pineapple in a body part where no pineapple should ever go! While Ken becomes increasingly paranoid about what awaits him at his Stag party, he is also curious to see the 'respect' his friends will show him through the elaborate planning and execution of the hazing which awaits him. Ken's fears are unjustified as it turns out, since his friends are, well, idiots. One friend tries to get Viagra from his mother's medicine cabinet but finds it locked (he's 35-years old and lives at home.) Another friend spends most of the party crying over his break-up, even though the girl was making out with a guy right in front of him. As I said—idiots. About the only thing they do right is hire a stripper for the party. However, the stripper turns out to also be a writer, who uses her stripping to write a blog on 'Manopause,' men who are in their early 40s going through a mid-life crisis, which describes almost every man in the room! By the end of the night, the Stag party fails to deliver the same fruit-induced violence as one of Ken's Stag parties, but it does includes a bar fight with a toothless drunk, two friends coming out of the closet, and a guest appearance by a celebrity actress who is groped by Ken, leading to a warrant for Ken's arrest. Getting arrested for fondling a hot, famous celebrity? Now that's what I call a Stag party!


  • Stag exists mildly as a simpler and more channeled version of The Hangover. The jokes are actually slightly better.
  • has its heart in the right place.


  • LA Comedy Fest 2011: Award Of Excellence
  • LA Comedy Fest 2011: Best Ensemble


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