23 augustus 2018
Steven Gomez
Vanessa Kirby (Me Before You, Mission Impossible - Fallout)
David Ajala (Furious 6, The Dark Knight)
Mike Noble (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit)
Bentley Kalu (American Assassin)
Tom McKay (The Lost Legion)
Jaar: 2016

Kill Command


In de zeer nabije toekomst wordt een squad hoogopgeleide mariniers, geleid door Kapitein Bukes, naar een afgelegen eiland gestuurd. Hun missie: herstel de communicatie met de basis en stel de technologie veilig.

Ze moeten een high tech codeur, specialist Mills, meenemen en komen er al snel achter dat dit geen routine missie is. Ze worden levende doelen van angstaanjagende geavanceerde militaire robots en zien dat Mills met de robots weet te communiceren.

Afgesneden en geconfronteerd met een zekere dood moeten de mariniers vechten voor hun leven om te overleven. Ze moeten uitzoeken wie en wat Mills echt is en aan welke kant ze echt staat.


  • It is impressive, particularly for the budget, and the AI creations are positively menacing as they stalk their human prey. Indeed, Kill Command does justice to all of the classics that it gleefully references, and the result is a surprisingly enjoyable indie gem.
  • 'Kill Command' is cult film in the making, an enthralling thrill-ride, that capably maintains the balance between action and philosophical explorations of how we view technology, how technology views us, and what it means to be human.
  • Steven Gomez's sci-fi thriller comes on like the ultimate James Cameron homage and fortunately, the retro vibe extends to the storytelling, which is a brisk and well-judged balance. It's a promising debut; the director's background is in VFX and his low-budget creations outshine many blockbusters.
  • Superior sci-fi action thriller.
  • A hugely creative, highly polished and truly solid action/ sci-fi. Highly recommended.
  • If you love military tech and killer robots the production design are top shelf.
  • has a lot more going for it than many bloated Hollywood studio equivalents.
  • an impressive first feature. The production design is slick and cool, borrowing colour palettes and influences from many classic sci-fi films to achieve a clean, cold look. The story, while simple, lends itself to great dramatic tension which is beautifully executed by the cast, and Gomez's VFX experience undoubtedly contributes to the flawless CG, which looks much better than a lot of recent big-budget releases.
  • VFX whiz-kid Gomez succeeds where his peers often fail, and gives us an entertaining and exciting piece of future-tech gone wrong.


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