10 januari 2019
Trent Haaga
Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds, (500) Days of Summer)
AnnaLynne McCord (90210, Officer Down, Scorned)
Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why)
Sheila Vand (Argo)
Jaar: 2017

A Première TV Distribution Release

68 Kill


Beerputten uitmesten is niet bepaald het droomleventje dat hij voor ogen had, maar Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler - Criminal Minds) is een simpele all-American dude en met een sexy vriendinnetje als Liza (AnnaLynne McCord - 90210, Secrets and Lies) mag hij eigenlijk niet klagen. Ach, ze rommelt misschien wat aan met haar huisbaas, maar aan elke relatie scheelt wel wat. Tot lekkere Liza voorstelt om haar ranzige suikeroompje een fikse som afhandig te maken en hij plots een heel ander kantje van haar te zien krijgt. Al snel zit de naïeve Chip op een rollercoaster van uitzinnig geweld waar hij nooit meer uitkomt.

Hilarisch, hypnotisch en totaal over the top, neemt 68 Kill je mee op een grungy dollemansrit die gretig leentjebuur speelt bij andere gestoorde prenten als American Psycho, Pulp Fiction en Natural Born Killers. Winnaar van de publieksprijs op SXSW en uitgeroepen tot “Most Effectively Offensive” op het Boston Underground Film Festival 2017.


  • A zesty black comedy whose nebbish hero gets subjected to a prolonged ordeal of painful misfortunes. viewers and programmers with a taste for midnight-movie outrageousness will cotton to its mix of sleaze, quease and bad-taste absurdism.
  • For those seeking a viciously violent, amazingly cast and hilarious thriller, 68 Kill delivers on levels that few recent efforts have. This film’s singular vision of the dark side is brutally entertaining. Its idea of gender and masculinity are more old-fashioned than they need to be, but that doesn’t stop the female leads from giving balls-to-the-wall incredible performances. For this alone, this one is worth watching. This brand of insanity doesn’t come along often.
  • This wacky gender standoff rocks and rolls as a late-night siren should. Haaga is back, funny and fucked-up as ever. 68 Kills feels like a short Tarantino story; a bloody late-nighter that features an unstoppable genre role for AnnaLynne McCord.
  • Charm-Filled, Southern-Fried Caper, a wickedly fun heist movie that subverts genre fan’s expectations by playing around with gender conventions, delivering several impressive storytelling swerves that genuinely kept me guessing up until the very end.
  • Part of the beauty of 68 Kill stems from Haaga reversing the gender dynamics we’re used to seeing in this kind of uber violent, modern noir film. Not only Chip is the one in consistent need of rescue by one of the women in his life, but he’s often reduced to cringing and whimpering mess. With 68 Kill, Haaga delivers a crowd pleasing, high octane thriller that is well worth your time and energy.
  • Trent Haaga’s “68 Kill” is a Bloody Masterpiece of Feminism, Anti-Stereotypes and Dark Humor.
  • Leaves us with virtually nowhere to hide from its bawdiness, frenzied brutality and kinky, kooky humour; all buoyed by a totally talented, committed and game cast.
  • Takes the audience along through a number of wild scenarios, adorned with a series of dimensionalized, grounded characters. While a number of them are deranged psychotics (for lack of a better word), they always capture your attention, and make you wonder just where the story is going to go next. 68 Kill comes well recommended.


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