10 maart 2022
David Charbonier
Justin Powell
Lonnie Chavis (This Is Us)
Ezra Dewey (The Djinn)
Kristin Bauer van Straten (Nocturnal Animals)
Scott Michael Foster (Californication)
Jaar: 2020

A Première TV Distribution Release

The Boy Behind The Door


Bobby’s ergste nachtmerrie wordt werkelijkheid wanneer hij en zijn beste vriend (beiden 12) worden ontvoerd door een paar sicko’s. Bobby weet te ontsnappen maar net wanneer hij hulp wil gaan halen, hoort hij de angstkreten van Kevin. Hijbesluit om met gevaar voor eigen leven terug te gaan, je beste vriend laat je immers niet zitten.  Er staat hen een angstaanjagende nacht te wachten.


  • a gripping twist on the home-invasion thriller, first-time feature directors David Charbonier and Justin Powell plunge two tween boys into escalating peril, relentlessly intensifying a cascading series of lethal threats over the film’s excruciating runtime.
  • a heart-stopping, atmospheric indie that one must watch in order to understand how it makes you feel. Truly stellar performances from the kids and the captors bring this movie to life.
  • The fear, tension, and terror are relentless and beyond palpable.
  • The Boy Behind the Door is phenomenal. Full stop. From the actors to the setting and the use of darkness both visually and thematically, this is a film to watch. 9/10.
  • A truly excellent slice of cinema that will leave your knuckles glowing white.
  • A gripping, hypnotic feature.
  • Difficult to watch, hard to stomach but impossible to turn away is the best warning that can be given. Pure concept executed with chilling efficiency, this thriller will have the audience holding its breath from start to finish.
  • This film is one of the best I’ve seen. The Boy Behind the Door is a strong horror-thriller that’ll keep most people on the edge of their seats the entire 88 minutes.
  • Charbonier and Powell exhibit dazzling craftsmanship in their feature-length debut, from their stirring use of light and shadow to their realistic-sounding dialogue between the two young friends, to their breathtaking timing with suspense. A must-see.
  • A tense, effective, and unrelenting thriller.
  • unrelentingly intense, shockingly dark thriller.
  • A tense, terrifying, and all-around outstanding feature debut for its co-directing duo, The Boy Behind the Door should thrill discerning horror fans. 97% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes! See all reviews here.


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