9 januari 2020
Carl Strathie
Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad, I Am Not a Serial Killer)
Mel Raido (Legend)
Grant Masters (Silent Witness)
Alice Lowe (Hot Fuzz, Sightseers)
Jaar: 2019

A Première TV Distribution Release

Collectie: 69 van 229

Dark Encounter


Een Amerikaans dorpje in de 80’s. Een jaar na de onopgeloste verdwijning van een 8-jarig meisje wordt haar rouwende familie het doelwit van mysterieuze lichtverschijnselen, die van buitenaardse origine lijken. Maar hebben de vreemde bezoekers het meisje ontvoerd? Of zijn ze boodschappers van een andere, bloedstollende waarheid?


  • Massive recommend wether you catch the flick at FrightFest and I hope you all do or you pick it up on DVD or Digital.
  • The acting from the ensemble cast is super believable too, which ensures that this is a film destined to become a classic of its genre. See it!
  • The visual effects are fantastic, David Stone Hamilton’s score is luscious and stirring (if occasionally overcooked) and the use of light and colour within the fantastical parts is jaw dropping. Standout performances from Laura Fraser and Sid Phoenix.
  • Even if it is presented with luminous visuals and awe-inspiring special effects, this is a harrowing story, exposing the cracks in a family's tight-knit structure.
  • In elevating itself from its peers, Dark Encounter works on many levels. This is also the kind of film that gets into your head and lingers long after viewing.
  • The ensemble cast does a fine job of conveying the collective panic and terror.
  • Haunting, unpredictable and intense but with enough drama to give it heart, this is a riveting out-of-this-world sci-fi horror film.
  • The film’s premise offers an unusual fusion of sci-fi, crime story and family drama. A noteworthy addition to [the] genre.
  • Strathie succeeds in capturing a bit of the Spielberg-style magic he's aiming for and in quieter scenes where we're allowed to experience wonder instead of being told what to feel, it's an enchanting experience.
  • Highly recommended for its strong cast, suspenseful premise, and original take on why close encounters of the third kind might happen, Dark Encounter is fine genre film fare.   


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