VOD Oktober 2023

The Channel

Beschikbaar voor VOD: 26 oktober 2023
Regie: William Kaufman
Cast: Clayne Crawford (Lethal Weapon, The Killing of Two Lovers), Max Martini (The Purge, Bosch - Legacy, Saving Private Ryan), Juliene Joyner (Unhinged), Paul Rae (True Grit)

Nadat hun bankoverval misloopt, moeten een wanhopige crimineel, zijn losgeslagen broer en hun keiharde gezelschap van ex-mariniers ontsnappen uit New Orleans en aan de vastberaden FBI-agent die hen achtervolgt.

  • One of the year’s best action movies with memorable characters, explosive action scenes and brisk pacing that never lets up.
  • A must-watch for fans of adrenaline-fueled action films. With its powerhouse performances, expert direction, and a gripping storyline, this movie is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • A deeply engaging character driven story that will have audiences on the edge of their seat. The Channel is bolstered by powerful performances throughout, resulting in an action-packed, bank heist movie thriller, and is not to miss.
  • Through blood, violence, and probably more than 3.000 rounds of ammunition per person, The Channel takes the traditional heist formula to another level: fully automatic guns, sulfuric acid, heart-pounding action sequences that last 5-10 minutes, and a blend of family drama. This mission is a non-stop, exhilarating thrill ride.
  • The Channel is an intense and non-stop piece of action, continuing to remind us that when a heist movie is done right, there is nothing else like it.
  • Kaufman drops the audience directly into a heavily-armed bank robbery and spends the next near half-hour showing why he’s the DTV king of tactical action.
  • high-octane action and impressive display of firepower.
  • The action sequences are excellent. There is outstanding choreography, and the military dialogue sounds on point.
  • The Channel is the kind of film that deserves to have been picked up by a company like Lionsgate and given the theatrical/digital/hard copy release they give the half-assed thrillers they seem to specialize in these days.

8 Found Dead

Horror, Thriller
Beschikbaar voor VOD: 12 oktober 2023
Regie: Travis Greene
Cast: Nancy Linehan Charles (Minority Report), Jenny Tran, Tim Simek, Alisha Soper (Lethal Weapon)

Twee bevriende stellen komen apart aan in een afgelegen Airbnb voor een weekendje chillen in de woestijn, maar stuiten op hetzelfde excentrieke koppel, dat de plek al geboekt en ingepalmd heeft.  Wat begint als een misverstand, neemt al snel een bizarre wending. Intussen reppen twee lokale politieagenten zich halsoverkop naar een bloedbad...

8 Found Dead wordt door liefhebbers van de betere horrorthriller unaniem de hel ingeprezen en kaapte op Screamfest LA 2022 de awards voor Beste Film en Beste Regie weg. Totaal terecht. Of zoals één recensent het stelt: Tarantino meets Hitchcock met een vleugje Guy Ritchie.

  •  A savagely entertaining movie.
  • 8 Found Dead isn’t just one of the best films that I’ve seen this year, it’s one of the best horror films that I’ve seen ever.
  • Absolutely, delectably insane, 8 Found Dead is a gripping and aberrant horror getaway.
  • Horror films about short-term rental properties are becoming a proper subgenre. 8 Found Dead is a solid, highly entertaining entry into that group.
  • Screamfest LA 2022: Winner Best Picture and Best Director