VOD June 2023

As Good As Dead

Available on VOD: 1 juni 2023
Director: R. Ellis Frazier
Cast: Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight), Tom Berenger (Inception, Platoon), Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 & 2, One in the Chamber)

Bryant befriends a troubled teen and introduces him to martial arts. As Bryant's mysterious and dangerous past catches up to him, he is forced into a life and death struggle to clear his name, save the boy and get back all he left behind.

  • An action movie first and foremost. Michael Jai White delivers the goods as the hero who can take out villains with whatever is handy and have a funny quip when he is finished. The story is fast paced, exciting, and plays to its strengths. It is the type of entertaining fluff there is not enough of nowadays.
  • If you enjoy beatdowns and shoot-outs, it is solidly entertaining, in an unfussy way. Recommended for fans of White and the genre.
  • Supplies solid action, and plenty of it. Coasts on Michael Jai White’s charm, a playful tone, and endearing goofiness.


Action, Thriller
Available on VOD: 8 juni 2023
Director: Declan Whitebloom
Cast: Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black, John Wick 2), Frank Grillo (Avengers Endgame, Boss Level), Patrick Schwarzenegger (Zijn vader)

A troubled young woman inherits a yacht from her estranged father but it turns out to be a ruse for his ex-business partners to kidnap her and steal her new yacht in search of a hidden fortune.

  • Enjoyably if you’re looking for a movie to watch with your mates on a Friday night.
  • Fun to watch.
  • Frank Grillo always elevates everything he appears Ruby Rose is convincing as a young woman trying to escape her confinement on the yacht. Just like the majority of her life, many hurdles have been stacked against her, but she finds a way to use her street smarts to escape a dangerous situation.
  • Stowaway bleeds atmospherics as it fashions itself as a nippy, compact thriller.