Forced to Fight

Beschikbaar voor VOD: 1 oktober 2013
Regie: Jonas Quastel
Cast: Peter Weller (Robocop), Alexandra Weaver, Gary Daniels (The Expendables, Hunt to Kill)

Adrenaline, actie, afzien! Wereldkampioen kickboksen Gary Daniels (The Expendables) gaat in de clinch met Peter Weller (RoboCop I & II, TV's Dexter) in de pompende mixed martial arts actiethriller FORCED TO FIGHT. Shane Slavin (Gary Daniels), legende van het illegale kooivechterscircuit, besluit zijn leven over een andere boeg te gooien en voortaan een normaal leven te leiden met zijn vrouw en jonge zoontje. Maar dan begaat zijn jongere broer een fatale misstap door een meedogenloze misdaadbaas (Peter Weller) te bedriegen. Om de schuld van zijn broer af te lossen en zijn gezin te beschermen, moet Shane opnieuw de arena in om het op te nemen tegen de brutaalste tegenstanders ooit. En dit keer gelden er hoegenaamd geen regels: je verlaat de kooi als winnaar of als... lijk.

  • With his prowling camerawork and gritty style, director Jonas Quastel dishes out killer fight set pieces. The tight shooting style and strong editing really show Daniels at his best. He's a terrific fighter and very much the real deal. And Weller is a great villain. The action is top flight and Daniels is a pleasure to watch. A solid action picture with an accomplished leading man, great villain and cool fight scenes.
  • The film is action-packed and features various fighting styles including wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu etc. There is something for everyone here in this non-stop thrill ride. Recommended for all MMA fans!
  • the movie is well made with a good cast and it delivers just the right mix of story and action to make it worth checking out.
  • What's required is that the filmmakers take enough pride in their work to invest it with craftsmanship, and Forced to Fight is an example of what happens when they do. Its script has a story with more than paint-by-numbers beats. Its villain conveys a sense of danger and even, thanks to Weller, an occasional whiff of devilry. And its hero comes off as someone with genuine feelings, instead of just a dancing piece of beefcake.
  • the film was done with heart, and it does have some great fighting moments.
  • spirited and briskly paced. Peter Weller is a spark of scenery chewing magnetism.
  • Forced to Fight is by no means a subtle film. It's a punch to the face in cinematic form. But for fans of straight-to-video quality action cinema, it's an unusually potent movie.
  • Blu-raydefinition: Damn entertaining. Thrilling at times, particularly during many of the in-your-face fight sequences. A strong rental for a lazy afternoon.
  • Adding to the movie is the seasoned talents of Peter Weller. Here he gives a greater depth to the villainous part than most performers could muster.
  • British martial arts ace Gary Daniels returns to a major leading role in this underground fight film that brings more to the plate than your typical fight film [and] meshes emotion with some pretty good action scenes.