321 Frankie Go Boom

Beschikbaar voor VOD: 2 juli 2013
Regie: Jordan Roberts
Cast: Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim, Children of Men, Sons of Anarchy), Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids, The Sapphires), Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Drive, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Lizzy Caplan (Hot Tub Time Machine, Cloverfield), Whitney Cummings (Made of Honor), Chris Noth (Sex and the City, The Good Wife)

Al van kindsbeen af wordt Frank gemarteld, vernederd en in verlegenheid gebracht door zijn broer Bruce, een obsessieve allesfilmer. Nu de volwassen Bruce eindelijk van de drugs af is en het rechte pad bewandelt, hoopt Frank finaal op beterschap voor zijn dysfunctionele familie. Tot zijn toevallige onenightstand met een getroebleerde jonge vrouw verkeerd afloopt, en Bruce, als vanouds, klaarstaat om alles voor het nageslacht te tapen. Wanneer de beschamende net-geen-sekstape tot overmaat van ramp op het internet belandt, moet Frank de hulp inroepen van Phil, de voormalige celgenoot van Bruce. Alleen gaat Phil voortaan door het leven als Phyllis...

  • Variety: Writer-director Jordan Roberts earns a good number of laughs, and even some extended guffaws, with his crass romance about sex, lies and digital video. There's a clever design beneath the seemingly random chaos, as the pic gets an inordinate amount of comic mileage from the running joke of Bruce's borderline-sociopathic self-absorption.
  • Exuberantly written and directed by Jordan Roberts, '3,2,1... Frankie Go Boom' is a vibrantly vulgar comedy that never hangs around to admire its own cleverness. With wham-bam timing and unisex jokes, Mr. Roberts races us through a jam-packed tale of erectile reluctance, brotherly betrayal, Internet disaster and accidental romance.
  • Frankie Go Boom is an absurdist comedy with heart, a film that is hard not to like. Everybody is just so earnest in it and the relationship between Hunnam and Caplan is genuinely sweet, so when the shit really does get weird you're kind of in for the long haul. Strong writing and direction from Jordan Roberts, a charming love story, some truly hilarious moments, a crazed Lynchian universe and an overall tone of likability really made this one of the more enjoyable films of SXSW. Keep your eyes peeled for it.
  • there's so much weird shit in 3, 2, 1...FRANKIE GO BOOM, that I was chuckling from start to finish and laughing out loud many times, usually followed by a 'Oh, hell no...' .... it's a ridiculously crazy good time and one I look forward to seeing again.
  • 3,2,1... Frankie Go Boom cleverly mocks Hollywood and the notion that anyone with an HD camcorder is a director. As if the promise of a film starring Chris O'Dowd and Lizzy Caplan is not reason enough to watch it, there is an added bonus of witnessing Ron Perlman portray a transgender woman named Phyllis. Sure, the Phyllis character feels a bit cartoonish (and borderline offensive), but how often do you get to see Hellboy donning full drag?
  • The performances, though requiring little subtlety, make the movie, and Frankie Go Boom's plot works best when it continually provides wilder and wilder situations for the energetic cast.
  • the actors are great and there are a lot of funny scenes.
  • Though deliciously rude and crude, '3, 2, 1 ... Frankie Go Boom' possesses a surprisingly sweet heart. Jordan Roberts' screwball romp never stoops to the misogyny and other infantilisms rampant in so many Peter Pan comedies.
  • It is the ensemble nature of the cast that makes 3,2,1... Frankie Go Boom really great.
  • Overall great casting and smart script lead up to this fun little film. If you are looking for a new definition to dysfunctional family, then be sure to check out '3,2,1...Frankie Go Boom'. Be sure to stay until the screen goes black for more Perlman/Noth! Totally worth it!


Misdaad, Thriller
Beschikbaar voor VOD: 7 maart 2019
Regie: Michael Caton-Jones
Cast: Famke Janssen (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Taken Trilogy), Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Drive, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Book Club), Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Sagas, Nurse Jackie, S.W.A.T.), Jacqueline Bisset (Miss You Already, Bullit)

Asher (Ron Perlman – Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) heeft een bewogen leven achter de rug als agent van de Israëlische geheime dienst Mossad. Nu leidt hij, met het trieste einde van zijn carrière in zicht, een spartaans bestaan als huurmoordenaar in de New-Yorkse heksenketel Brooklyn. Het kantelmoment komt er na een mislukte aanslag en zijn ontmoeting met de mooie Sophie (Famke Janssen – X-Men franchise, The Blacklist). Smachtend naar de liefde die hij nooit gekend heeft, zweert hij de dure eed af die hij als jonge kerel heeft afgelegd. Hij moet de man die hij was doden om de man te kunnen worden die hij wil zijn. Maar zo heeft niet iedereen het begrepen...

In deze sfeervolle, in melancholie en zwarte humor gedrenkte, actiethriller van Michael Caton-Jones (Rob Roy, The Jackal, Basis Instinct 2) herkent u naast karakterkop Perlman en Nederlands trots Famke Janssen ook nog Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws, Mr. Holland’s Opus), Jacqueline Bisset (Bullit, Backstabbing for Beginners) en Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga, S.W.A.T.).

  • Thanks to the great performances by Perlman and the supporting cast; a knowing and literate script by Jay Zaretsky, and the slick direction of Michael Caton-Jones, this is a sparkling black diamond of film noir.
  • Terrific performance by Perlman, who infuses the title character with a compelling, world-weary gravitas. His Asher is so quietly sympathetic that, should the occasion arise, you might almost wish to be done in by him yourself. Janssen is equally good, lending subtle grace notes to what could have been a one-dimensional romantic interest.
  • Asher is supported by Perlman’s lead performance, and he’s terrific here with his typical understated ways and intimidation factor. He also plays vulnerability with grace, giving the hardened man a few openings around Sophie, making the most of his unusual chemistry with Janssen.  A commendable performance or intriguing study of the human experience, with director Michael Caton-Jones maintaining impressive control over the tone of the movie.
  • Perlman and Janssen have great on-screen chemistry.
  • Caton-Jones has the right touch for this material, maintaining a vibe that is dark and serious, yet somehow also light. Despite all of Asher’s brooding and seething, the film moves along at a spritely tempo. This is not a monumental cinematic statement, but it is an entertaining (yet surprisingly honest) film that Perlman’s fans will particularly enjoy.
  • Thoughtful dramedy Asher offers a killer time.
  • You'll root for this aging hitman.
  • Perlman has a physical presence that makes him look like he stepped off the cover of a paperback. He brings soul to this old hired gun.

Kid Cannabis

Misdaad, Thriller
Beschikbaar voor VOD: 15 juli 2014
Regie: John Stockwell
Cast: John C. McGinley (Alex Cross, Scrubs), Aaron Yoo (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 10 Years), Kenny Wormald (Clerks II, Footloose, Cavemen), Jonathan Daniel Brown (Project X, Bad Milo!), Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Drive, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Een 18-jarige loser uit Idaho besluit, samen met een 27-jarige vriend, om marihuana de grens met Canada over te smokkelen. Met groot succes, in no-time zijn ze helemaal binnen en zetten ze miljoenen om. Maar zijn pogingen om mee te draaien in de top van de drugswereld - compleet met vrouwen, wapens, onbetrouwbare vrienden en moorddadige drugsbaronnen - stijgt de voormalige pizzabezorger al snel boven het hoofd.

  • A rollicking tale of border-running teenage pot entrepreneurs based on the real-life story of Nate Norman. The youthful cast is pretty good and receives a delightful boost from two veteran actors, Ron Perlman as a kingpin who bankrolls the boys, and John C. McGinley as the grower whose product they import.
  • How Norman and his gang learn the ropes, work the game and earn their fleeting, if nerve-wracking moment in the sun proves an enjoyable, well-crafted ride in the hands of writer-director John Stockwell.
  • This wild story sells itself
  • Brown's performance as Norman goes deep enough to penetrate his protective bluster: There's more Max Fischer in him than Tony Montana. He's the reason this convincing pro-legalization editorial is also a memorable coming-of-age story.
  • writer-director John Stockwell commits to his hero's unshakable awkwardness, imbuing his character with the sort of half-baked hubris that often accompanies adolescence.
  • There are tons of laughs in Kid Cannabis but the style and vision of Stockwell allows this to flourish so much more. The "Gopro" look found on certain parts gave a look to the dark comedy based on films that pushes it to this generation of moviegoers.
  • Het op waargebeurde verhalen gebaseerde relaas van een pafferige nerd die zich ontwikkelt tot grootschalig drugsdealer komt namelijk best realistisch over. Bij tijd en wijle neemt men echter toch ietwat bijzondere zijpaden. Zo is het leuk dat buiten de jonge cast veteranen Ron Perlman en John C. McGinley meedoen. Hun personages doen een glimlach oproepen in een niet altijd grappig verhaal.

Poker Night

Misdaad, Thriller
Beschikbaar voor VOD: 10 augustus 2015
Regie: Greg Francis
Cast: Halston Sage (Bad Neighbours, Grown Ups 2), Corey Large (Lone Survivor), Giancarlo Esposito (Alex Cross, Breaking Bad), Beau Mirchoff (I Am Number Four, Awkward), Michael Eklund (Watchmen), Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Drive, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Wanneer de jonge rechercheur Stan Jeter (Beau Mirchoff, Awkward) naar Warsaw, Indiana overgeplaatst wordt, wacht hem een bizar ontgroeningsritueel: een nachtje pokeren met zijn door de wol geverfde collega's. Telkens als ze winnen, vertellen de veteranen hem een sterk verhaal over hun tijd bij het korps. De successen én de tegenslagen. Na het afscheid wordt Jeter echter ontvoerd door een gemaskerde psychopaat en opgesloten in een kelder, samen met een recent verdwenen jonge vrouw. Tussen de meedogenloze seriemoordenaar en zijn slachtoffers komt het al snel tot een gruwelijk partijtje mentale blufpoker. En Jeters enige wapen zijn de tips die hij kreeg tijdens Poker Night...

Poker Night is een wurgende thriller in de aloude traditie van Seven en The Usual Suspects, met grillige plotwendingen die je tot op het einde op het puntje van je stoel genageld houden. De film pakt uit met een absolute topcast: Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring uit Breaking Bad), Ron Eldard (Black Hawk Down), Titus Welliver (Gone Baby Gone) en Corey Large (Lone Survivor)

  • This mash-up of cop thriller and torture porn features some clever twists and provides the opportunity for some terrific characters actors to strut their stuff.
  • The players are good, with Mirchoff earnest and young as a nice contrast to the salty, rough-and-tumble elders, especially the iconic screen heavy, Perlman.
  • Poker Night is a blend of genres, including those of: horror, crime thriller and even comedy. Poker Night is well produced. From acting to directing styles, the film is made of quality. It is also interesting to see so many recognizable cast members here, including: Ron Perlman, Giancarlo Esposito, Corey Large and Lochlyn Munro. Director and writer Greg Francis must have pulled several strings, to bring together such a great cast.
  • Greg Francis certainly shows a strong hand with Poker Night, providing a fresh alternative to cop thrillers and horror slashers by smashing the two together in a Frankensteined effort. While Perlman entertains and Mirchoff guides, it's Eklund who walks away from the table boasting the biggest stack thanks to an immersive turn of villainy that makes Manson look like a candy striper. Poker Night is a cool, calm, and confident thriller with a few aces up its sleeve that'll keep you guessing, achieving a wild freshness that typical horror thrillers might skimp on – a case of ambition yielding surprising rewards.
  • I suggest checking it out if you're looking for something unique.
  • Poker Night is one of the more memorable thrillers to come along in years. Featuring a capable cast having fun with their supporting roles, Poker Night will keep you guessing until the end with its startling twists and turns. Could this be the birth of another horror franchise?
  • Half Reservoir Dogs, half Saw, with a splash of over-the-top Natural Born Killers thrown in for good measure and you get the wonderfully entertaining and equally disturbing Poker Night. The acting is generally top-notch, the story moves at a brisk pace, and the ultimate resolution is a satisfying one. Oh, and you'll never look at superglue the same way ever again.
  • I knew very well that Poker Night was going to be a great film just by viewing the trailer a time or two, but I didn't know how great it was going to be. There were tons of twists that no one could see coming, keeping me enthralled in the action the entire time. If you're looking for the next hidden gem in this genre, this is it, for sure.
  • Decent brutal and bloody fun, a somewhat intriguing mystery and a powerful cast composed of numerous extremely talented individuals. It also has some hilariously twisted moments, reminiscent of a demented dark comedy, and a number more sequences that are grisly, intense and quite well done.