Beyond The Sky

SF, Thriller
Beschikbaar voor VOD: 14 maart 2019
Regie: Fulvio Sestito
Cast: Ryan Carnes (General Hospital), Jordan Hinson (A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas ), Claude Duhamel (Traffik), Martin Sensmeier (The Magnificent Seven, Wind River), Peter Stormare (Fargo, John Wick Chapter 2)

Een documentairemaker reist naar Roswell om het bestaan van buitenaardse wezens en ontvoeringen te ontkrachten als mentaal afweermechanisme tegen trauma’s. Zijn nuchtere kijk wankelt wanneer hij verliefd wordt op een mooie abductee die gelooft dat ze om de zeven jaar, op haar verjaardag, ontvoerd werd en binnen enkele dagen 28 wordt...

  • Appealingly twisty and easy to watch. Well-constructed action sequences and impressive special effects.
  • Intriguing Science Fiction, combined with remarkable visuals and authentic performances. We are rewarded for our patience in the movie’s impressive finale.
  • Meshes some found footage and the narrative structure well.
  • Efficient and well-made, 7/10.
  • A fun take on the alien abduction subgenre, and it’s refreshing with its humor and quirky cast of characters. After watching this movie, I want to believe.
  • The finale is a spectacle with some terrific special effects, but the characters remained the real draw.
  • A noteworthy and classy addition. The production value here is imaginative and vibrant and gives us a third act that confidentially owns the notion of going into a spaceship.
  • A satisfying evening's viewing and, accordingly, recommended.