SAF3 - A New Series!

Action, Drama
Available on VOD: TBA Q3 2014
Cast: Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables 1/2, Universal Soldier, SAF3), J.R. Martinez (All My Children), Texas Battle (The Bold and the Beautiful, Dragonball Evolution, Coach Carter), Lydia Hull (Van Wilder, Escape Plan 2), Jocelyn Oscorio, Travis Burns, Katie Meehan, Danielle Anderson

Co-created by Gregory J. Bonann (Creator of Baywatch) who also serves as Executive Producer, the series follows Southern California's elite multi-agency task force, SAF3, which consists of the cream-of-the-crop from Los Angeles Lifeguard, Firefighter and Coast Guard agencies. They are the heroes who answer the most challenging calls. Specialists who collaborate, coordinate, and initiate daring rescues in the most dangerous venues (air, fire, water) to save human life.

Each episode will center on big-action rescues involving all three services lead by a reluctant leader, Lifeguard John Mathews, who has stepped in for his mentor and friend. The agency is the brainchild of Hal Dunnigan (Mathew's mentor) who dies heroically in the first episode saving a life.The inter-agency cooperative effort will not be without its challenges, but will provide for extremely dramatic personal conflict and still yield an effective and efficient public service. There is enormous competition between them as they uphold the pride of their individual services. BUT, when emergency life and death circumstances arise, they check their egos at the door and do whatever must be done to save human life, aware of the harsh reality that one of them, like Dunnigan, may not return.

With beauty, danger, deception, and redemption, SAF3 brings blue skies and action-adventure back to broadcast television in 20 episodes of 43'.

Series Bible: Click here to download.