Cold Blooded

Action, Thriller
Available on VOD: 1 mei 2013
Director: Jason Lapeyre
Cast: Ryan Robbins (Apollo 18, Sanctuary), Zoie Palmer (Devil), William MacDonald (Slither, Hollow Man II)

A female police officer has what she thinks is an easy night shift guarding an unconscious diamond thief in an abandoned hospital wing. When his brutal gang members break in to the secured ward, the cop and the robber must form an unlikely alliance to survive the night.

  • There's always something to be said for a quick and efficient crime thriller that introduces its characters and premise in an efficient manner, and then keeps throwing you bloody curve balls before jolting to a finish in less than 90 minutes. Cold Blooded is shot quite well, scored quite smoothly, and (especially) cut like a fast-paced dream. The cast is uniformly strong, the premise has a nice hook, and things actually get pretty dark and nasty before all is said and done. Fun stuff.
  • Driven by memorable characters and loaded with stomach churning tension, Cold Blooded is intense, harrowing and all kinds of brilliant – one of the year's best thrillers just waiting to be discovered.
  • Surprisingly brutal, strong performance from Ryan Robbins, short and sweet.
  • One of the year's best thrillers, shot quite well with a chilly approach mirroring both the characters and the sterile setting. Cold Blooded is full of fun surprises, features tremendously entertaining characters and takes its violence very, very seriously. It can be just as funny at times as it can be visceral. In a sea of mediocre Canadian films, Cold Blooded emerges as reason to celebrate.
  • Lapeyre also directed my favourite, the tense, violent crime thriller Cold Blooded. Immensely talented and impressively prolific. a really good thriller with great characters and an interesting story.
  • a brutally bloody and occasionally darkly comic morality tale that's been making a name for itself on the Festival circuit, garnering praise from critics whenever it screens.
  •': The filmmaking is remarkably clear-eyed and economical. The first images, almost still photos, suggest snapshots of what happened and why it went wrong. Every edit and line of dialogue have a purpose: not for nothing do I compare Cold Blooded to early Carpenter, who never let plot get in the way of the story.
  • Lapeyre has done a remarkable job staying creative with his budget limitations and giving us interesting seedy characters that wouldn’t seem out of place in an Elmore Leonard novel. Cold Blooded cuts straight to the point and we’re in and out before we know what hit us. We are left with a fun tension filled action movie that’s not interested in being deep or philosophical but delivering some entertainment. In that retrospect, I can tell you that we get exactly what we were promised.
  • Bare Bones International Film Festival 2012: Best Actress in a Feature Film
  • Fant-Asia Film Festival 2012: Audience Award - Best Canadian Feature

Sex After Kids

Available on VOD: 12 augustus 2014
Director: Jeremy Lalonde
Cast: Paul Amos (Lost Girl), Shannon Beckner (You Are Here), Katie Boland, Kristin Booth (Young People Fucking, Defendor), Jay Brazeau (Insomnia, Watchmen), Amanda Brugel (Seed, Jason X), Ennis Esmer (The Rocker, Young People Fucking), Kate Hewlett (Dark Water), Zoie Palmer (Devil), Gordon Pinsent (The Shipping News, The Old Man and the Sea), Kris Holden-Ried (Lost Girl, Underworld: Awakening, Underworld: K-19: The Widowmaker)

This edgy ensemble comedy follows a variety of relationships. Newlyweds with a newborn try to align their baby's schedule and their libidos. An aloof single mom has a brother who insists that she should get back out in the world. A lesbian couple finds they don't share the same child-rearing principles. A single dad grows tired of one-night stands. Recent empty nesters wonder if they can find the spark that brought them together. And the wife in the high-powered couple who never planned to have children is now looking to become a soccer mom. Their relationships and ideals will be put to the test with the question: is it possible to have children and a sex life - and is it even worth it?

  • Clichés may be present, but there can be no doubt that Sex After Kids is a funny movie.
  • really smart, poignant and often hilarious film.
  • The film was an absolute treat to watch. The entire theater was in an almost constant uproar of laughter. While there are many movies about the transition from college life to the working world, Sex After Kids is a fairly unique, but incredibly hilarious concept.
  • What is exciting about Sex After Kids is that it is extraordinarily funny and that the humour comes from a place of love and empathy for those dealing with the trials, tribulations and challenges of sex after kids
  • Sex After Kids is a touching and funny look at the sex lives of parents and the challenges they face.
  • hugely enjoyable exploration of relationships and sex and the things that make adults tick.
  • 2014 ACTRA Toronto Award - Outstanding Performance (Amanda Brugel)